I do not find this Beauty and the Beast Paradody funny.  It’s one big singing stereotype.

That’s the point. It’s self-referential humor.

I applaud the people involved for being able to poke fun at themselves, and understand that at the end of the day, it was just a bunch of people having fun and putting together something neat.

The video was arranged by black people, and the girl playing Belle was the only white person involved as far as I can tell. While it is making fun of black stereotypes, it’s not doing so in a malicious way at all. It’s implicitly worse that the N-word has become a common part of everyday language for many black people; if that’s not a bad thing, then I don’t see why jokingly mocking cultural stereotypes is.

@crazyfilledmind keep in mind that if this was so begrudgingly offensive, I don’t think that the blacks in this would’ve done this. On top of that, the parody was created by a black person. Please do your research please C: 


African Americans/African/Those of African Descent are often involved in projects/movies/film/media that negativily paints a stereotype of their race.  It’s how we (african americans,etc.) became involved in Hollywood in the first place.  People have to make money and put food on the table and some will do anything to get there.

Now I did not know it was created by a black person. However, that does not make it less offensive in my eyes.  But again this is my opinion, which I am free to state.

Thanks for letting me know to do my research beforehand but I would suggest the same thing to you.  How do you think PoC got involved in Hollywood/movies in the USA in the first place? And believe me, it was not by portraying their cultures in a positive light. 

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Wait, Kat…


You said you were stalking my blog?

One of my followers who’s never met me in person actually cares about my posts?!

Chile, bless your heart. ; ~;

I was TOTALLY stalking! Especially when I found the tag with my url. teehee~

I regret nothing. by the way.

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kieradoe replied to your post: I have no idea if the two notes I wrote to that “college guys” post came out. I think because I reblogged it as well, but anywho… did you get them, sweetie?

Can we go to Trinidad and Tobago!? Or Hawaii!??!?! CULTURE AND NEW FACES, YEAH~

YES! Hawaii then Trinidad and Tobago and then Vanuatu!!! 

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kieradoe replied to your post: College Boys and Men in general are assholes (not all of you guys but a large majority)

^ I firmly believe what uncdan said, but everyone here thinks I’m being too stuck-up about my taste in guys. College guys suck for the most part. Well, more room for gettin’ stuff done, like you said! Can I travel with you? :P

What exactly is your taste in guys if I may inquire?

I get the same problem in real life (I’m assuming here means Tumblr) because I guess because I’m a big girl I should settle for any guy and that’s not what I want. I may have high standards but they aren’t superficial ones. Like it doesn’t matter where the guy works or if he has a car or he’s rolling in dough. It just matters if he has a personality and can have a conversation which is a hard combo to come by these days. 

People think my standards are too high for a big girl but I tell them to fuck off.

Excuse my rant. :)

College boys are useless these days.


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uncdan replied to your post: College Boys and Men in general are assholes (not all of you guys but a large majority)

Hear hear. Also, believe me, travel increases the pool from whom to find better partners. Spoken from experience.

Oh I honestly believe you on that! Traveling will expose me to more people not just for dating ;D but also for new opinions and experiences. 

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uncdan replied to your post: I don’t like it when guys play games with my emotions.

Yeah, we guys don’t like it when girls do the same…

i feel as if guys do it more. Guys play more games with girls because that’s how they hide their feelings…in my opinion.  Do you disagree?

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spazzy-peanut replied to your post: spazzy-peanut replied to your post: Finally saw…

1) i wish i was one of those western girls!!! i wouldve done WAY better 2) they were basically doin the dougie 3) yep. its new york. u can ask angie lol

1) we gotta find out how to be in one of their videos!!! so we can be the western girls :D

2) THAT’S WHAT IT WAS!!!!!!!!!!!

3) i shall but i still feel like it was chicago…dont know why. 

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spazzy-peanut replied to your post: Finally saw the “Bad Boy” video by Big Bang.

1) no idea. i also do not approve, although one of them had really cool shoes 2) i know!! especially taeyang XDD 3) this was filmed in NYC baby!

1) no approval for the western girls!!! 2) all of them; normally just taeyang and gd dance really well but all of them did a good job. however, i feel as if their dance move was borrowed from somewhere. 3)it feels as if was filmed in chicago because of the metal subway above their head.

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kieradoe replied to your post: I’m happy that Big Bang is back but they could have done better with their title track.

I’m pretty sure you have no idea how glad I am that you said this, ‘cos I thought I was the only one; the song’s incredibly flat and dull, and the best parts for me were whenever Daesung sang, tbqh. :/

for the oddest reason, i knew I wasnt the only one so that’s why I had to state it so i could find like minded people.  yeah the song is flat and just not fun.  Big Bang is suppose to be like a big banging party not all these sad songs.  Daesung in general just look good in the video.

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spazzy-peanut replied to your post: K-poppers are flipping out over the little bit of skin TOP is showing in the new photo…

exactly! what skin!?!

thank you!!!!! He has shown his arms a million and one times.  However, the day he shows his bare chest will be the day fangirls die from ovary explosion. And possible nosebleeds….

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spazzy-peanut answered your question: Got a question for people in the Tumblrverse

i dont think thats too bad. if the age difference is bigger, thats where i find the issue. it would be hard to find things to relate to

Tank you for your opinion M.I.A~

The bigger the gap, the less to talk about…..

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I love when I say my opinion and get hate for it.



Bring it on.

Going through the same thing, honey, just cuz I said I don’t like Hyuna. Honestly, give me a fucking break, opinions are opinions.

THANK YOU! But K-pop fans, especially international ones, get so offended about k-pop groups the second someone states a negative opinion. It’s okay to not like Hyuna because I’m not a big CL fan but i still like 2ne1. 

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  • Anonymous"midnight circus only got popular because of kikwang 20 seconds." wow. this just proves you don't know what you're talking about. lol.
  • Thank you but I do.  It was catchy yes but was promoted with the title, “featuring B2St’s Kikwang”.  That’s how it spread so quickly. It’s called using someone famous to help another become famous.  It’s how most artists get famous. Not just talent. But thank you for gladly stating you opinion and laughing.  But here’s what I have to say to you….

    Keep trying to insult me. it’s humorous haha.

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